Arturo Fuente Opus X Fuente Fuente

It’s been a long time since my previous post, but I would like to get back in the spirit of sharing my cigar smoking adventures. While I don’t claim to be an expert, I try and share the attributes of a smoke that matter most to me when determining which cigar to buy.

The Arturo Fuente line of cigars is always a go to favorite for me. While in my local brick and mortar store the other day, I found the rare and coveted Arturo Fuente Opus X line still in stock. With these cigars so rarely being in stock and with the high amount of esteem that these cigars carry (and that I carry for most of the Fuente line), I laid down the extra cash, and made the purchase.

I normally like to upload photos of the pre-light and the progression of the smoke, but unfortunately I was unable to take any for this particular cigar.

The cigar took me about 2 hours to smoke, but that included a fair amount of talking on my end. I found the draw of the cigar to be fairly loose and, while the cigar never got bitter or hot, I did feel the need to slow down my smoking.

The first third of the cigar was very in your face, but pleasantly so. It exhibited a very rich and creamy coffee flavor. The smoke was so thick and prominent that I felt I was actually drinking a cup of coffee.

By the second third, the cigar began to mellow out, but the coffee flavor was still the only prominent flavor I could find.

I did enjoy the cigar very much and smoked it down until there was almost nothing left. It was a strong cigar and by the end, I definitely felt a strong tobacco kick.

The cigar smoked incredibly evenly and only very minor touch ups were necessary, which I felt could have been avoided.

Overall, while I found the cigar enjoyable and delicious, it was very one dimensional. For a cigar which is held to such a high caliber, I was looking for something a little more complex, especially for the money.

I don’t remember what my rating scale was from before, or if I even used one, but I would give this cigar 3.25 out of 5 stars. While I never found it boring, I have smoked many more fun and complex cigars at a lower price point.

As always, feel free to leave a comment and let me know what you think !


Gurkha Legend Toro Connecticut Review

I had read many good things about Gurkha cigars. Everyone seemed willing to recommend this cigar to novices and experienced smokers alike. With that being said, I was very excited to try out this cigar (not to mention because of their badass band).


The cigar itself was very good looking with no serious flaws. There were no major veins, the wrapper was smooth and slightly oily; I was very excited to light her up.

The pre-light draw was a little hard, but not overly so, and it did loosen up a bit once the cigar was lit. The initial light I found to be a fairly easy and once lit, the edges burned perfectly even, at least at first. The first third of the cigar was a little bland. There were hints of cocoa with a slight undertone of fruit. It tasted a little like orange to me. I was content with this mild introduction to the cigar, but my smoking went downhill from there. After about a half hour, the cigar started canoeing. I let it be to see if it would even out by itself but it wouldn’t. I retouched it, but even then the cigar refused to burn evenly, and even then it went out. Plagued by these defects, the tastes of the middle half of the cigar were completely drowned by my attempts to keep the cigar lit and burning evenly. Even up to this point, the ash never held very long. It was loose and therefore fell off with barely less then half an inch usually.


By the time I got to the third half of the cigar, I was able to keep it burning, however I was unable to keep it from canoeing. Despite these shortcomings, I am glad I did not give up on the cigar and was able to smoke this last third. The last third was one of the most complex and flavorful cigars I have tasted in my short time of smoking. There were the usual tastes of cocoa and spice in the cigar, but there were also hints of anise, and this wonderful light, airy, flavor, that can almost only be described as a smell of fresh bread. I’ll have to come back to that if I can think of a better way to describe it.

The cigar has me teetering. On one hand it was complex with flavors I had never tasted before. It was creamy, smooth, and overall very delicious; when it actually smoked. I can understand why this cigar would come so recommended. I have to believe that this cigar was just one in the entire batch that it came out of that had the shortcomings. And for that, while I count myself unlucky, I can understand. Not every cigar that comes out is going to be perfect, and I understand that.

With that said, I would absolutely buy the cigar again. With the notion that I was just unlucky with this cigar, it was good enough, when it actually smoked, that I would be willing to try it again. While I can’t give this particular cigar a very high rating, I would gladly amend this review after smoking another one, assuming my experience were better.

However, as it stands, I give this cigar a 2.5 out of 5.

As always, feel free to leave a comment with your own experiences, or with any other input you would like to add. Thanks for reading.

Arturo Fuente Hemingway Best Seller Maduro Review

Here’s the cigar that I was going to smoke several weekends ago. Tonight was a perfect night for this short cigar, and it was absolutely worth the wait.

The cigar was absolutely flawless. Oily and smooth, there was only one small vein across this wrapper. The bright gold label played beautifully off of this wonderfully dark wrapper.



I started this cigar to the sight of fireworks in the background, a perfect back drop to this cigar. Because of the nipple, this cigar lit almost instantly. I was a little worried as the burn was a little uneven directly after burning through the nipple but I imagine that’s normal as it corrected itself within minutes. From that point on the burn was perfect.

The initial taste was heavy on chocolate, with an undertone of pepper and spices that were especially evident in the nose. By about the halfway point, the cigar gained notes of nuts, plus the natural sweetness of the maduro wrapper. The chocolate took a rest but still stayed close by for most of the middle section before coming back full force for the final third. As delicious as this cigar was, it lacked the complexity of some of the other Hemingways that I’ve smoked.

He cigar lasted me a little over an hour and the ash stayed on for just about the entire smoke.


The construction was impeccable and the tastes were strong and delicious. While not very complex, it stayed true to the few flavors it had and I was at no point disappointed with this smoke. It never burned hot and I was able to smoke it almost completely down to the nub.

I would give this cigar a 4 out of 5.


Leave some comments below and let me know what you all think.

Padilla Legacies Torpedo Maduro Review

Alright. I smoked this cigar last week and was debating whether or not to do a review on it. I won’t do a complete review as I only smoked this for about twenty minutes but I will give a brief recap.


The construction of this cigar was good. Wrapper was beautiful and oily and the torpedo style was very pleasant. For the brief time I smoked this, it had a fairly even burn.

Now to the actual smoke. It was tough to light but I will give that to the light breeze that night. The first several puffs were okay, not a lot of flavor but not bad. After a couple minutes, a chemical like taste started to appear. I’m not entirely sure what the taste was but I was reminded immediately of standing around an indoor swimming pool. I slowed down my smoke to see if it was me. It wasn’t. Another possibility is my humidor. I will have to see how my smoke tonight is.

As it stands, I was very disappointed and got rid of that cigar. I don’t think I will be smoking a Padilla again for awhile, or at least, I will not be spending money on one.

I’m sure this was just my experience as I have read many good things about this cigar and Padilla in general. Feel free to leave a comment and another review will be coming soon.

PDR 1878 Cubano Especial Capa Madura Review

Alright, I know I said I was going to review the Hemingway Maduro next but things change, and after a long day yesterday, I decided to sit down with this PDR 1878 and I’ll tell you now, it was a good decision. The cigar has a beautiful Maduro wrapper with one big vein going down it. It was nice and oily, and very rough to the touch. The black and silver band matched wonderfully with the dark wrapper as well. Nice touch.



The first thing you should know about this cigar is that it produces a lot of smoke, and I mean a lot. Even without drawing, the cigar was extruding enough smoke that I was wondering if there was a new external force working on the cigar. With that out of the way, let’s get down to the taste.

For me, the first major third of the cigar was fairly bland and I was a little disappointed. It was a little sweet with undertones of chocolate. The nose was again very spicy, but not nearly as spicy (nor as sweet) as the Fuente Chateau Maduro that i reviewed earlier. This cigar made me reconsider how I felt about the sweeter, maduro wrapper in general. After the first third, the cigar picked up becoming richer and stronger. The chocolate became much stronger and there were hints of other flavors that my novice palate couldn’t center on. I guess that gives me an excuse to try another one of these. The final third was much of the same as the second, becoming a full medium bodied cigar.

The cigar held a tight burn, never going out even with ample time between puffs, and keeping very straight for the most part. At no point did I have to relight or touch up the stick. The ash was dense and solid and held for over an inch.


Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this cigar. The flavors were good and complex enough that it leaves me wanting to try it again. It smoked evenly and was a change of pace from some of the other maduros I have smoked. It leaves me wanting to try more from Pinar Del Rio. I give this a solid 4 out of 5.



Miraflor Robusto Habano Review

This weekend I decided to give the beautiful Miraflor cigar a smoke. After a couple minutes searching the internet, I was able to learn almost nothing about this brand or any of its products. Searching online, you can find boxes of these for over 50% off so if you like this product, you might be in luck.

I was very excited to smoke this cigar. The wrapper was beautiful. It was not the prettiest wrapper. There were some veins in it and it was pretty rough in some places, but I have a soft spot for the “raw” looking wrappers.


The initial light was easy. I was able to achieve a nice even burn on the cigar with little effort (the same cannot be said for my friend smoking his Macanudo), so I will give it some points there. After several minutes, the cigar still had a perfect burn going, but that did not last long. After the first five minutes or so, the cigar started canoeing. The wind was not overly strong and I make sure to rotate my cigar as I smoke. I was forced to touch it up with my matches several times through out my smoke. That definitely took a lot of the enjoyment out of it for me.


The cigar itself seemed to be a mild-medium smoke. As I’ve said, I’m a novice cigar smoker, but I can usually distinguish several different tastes throughout the course of the smoke, but this particular one seemed very one dimensional. The first third was more on the mild side with hints of tobacco and coffee. By the second third, it was as if I was smoking coffee. The final third mellowed out quite a bit and started to smoke hot for me. The cigar was creamy throughout, especially in the nose, but for the time it took me to smoke (about an hour and a half), I grew bored with it. As I said in my last post, I like to smoke down to the nub when I can, but I saw no reason to continue smoking this one.

Overall, I found the smoke to be mediocre. The first third and even the start of the second third would have been nice if there had been more dimensions to the cigar as a whole. I only smoked one of these cigars so the canoeing that plagued my cigar may have been just unlucky, but I did not see enough in this cigar in general to try another one. I would give this cigar a 3 out of 5.

As usual, these are only my opinions and anyone is more than welcome to comment and give their input on the smoke.

Arturo Fuente Chateau Maduro Rothschild Review

I will try and post pictures of my smoke in progress in subsequent posts but as this blog was a spur of the moment idea, all I have is the initial pre-smoke picture and tasting notes I wrote for myself last night.

Last night I took some time off from my studies and decided to give this beautiful cigar a smoke. The wrapper was beautiful and mostly flawless. The cigar was densely packed and seemed to be as solid as the other Fuentes I have smoked.

The initial light was sweet, maybe a little too sweet for me, and also very woody. It does come in a cedar wrapper which might have been part of what I was tasting. There were some chocolate undertones there as well.

As I continued down, the smoke became more woody, possibly with some leather in there as well. The mild chocolate undertones continued but with some puffs hosting an incredibly rich chocolate flavor. The retrohale was almost too harsh for me. The spice in the nose was overbearing. Maybe I just have to work up to that.

The bottom third continued with almost a similar taste to the first third only much stronger. I usually smoke almost all the way down but was unable to completely finish this stick.

The burning was impeccable, the ash lasted almost an inch before falling off, and I never had to relight, even when going several minutes between smokes. I have smoked this same cigar several times with a natural wrapper and enjoyed them much more than this Maduro.

I give this cigar a rating of 3 out of 5. It wasn’t terrible but it is my least favorite Fuente so far.

Hopefully this review has been helpful for someone looking at this cigar. Feel free to leave a comment with your opinion on the cigar, or just your thoughts.